My Story



I'm Krista Horsmon, wife, mother, former volleyball coach and All American Volleyball player and now mental training coach.  I guess you could say the journey began while I was a head collegiate volleyball coach, I just wouldn't know it until about 16 years later.  I remember as a coach demanding my players to be BETTER LEADERS and MORE MENTALLY TOUGH. It wasn't until about 12 years later, when I was an assistant for a Division I University that the lightbulb went off! I had been asking that of my players and finally realized I never gave them the tools to be great leaders and to understand what it meant to be mentally tough. It was at that time I dedicated myself to changing the lives of the athletes I was working with.  It was a perfect fit because I had the athlete perspective, the coach's perspective and spent countless hours learning and acquiring tools to help athletes and coaches.  

With our growing family and my husband already a coach I knew my professional path would have to make some changes.  Leaving coaching was one of the hardest things I had to do but I knew I was needed elsewhere.  Little did I know, the most rewarding work I would do was ahead of me! I have worked with University of Dayton Volleyball for the past 4 years as their sole mental training coach and developing team leadership. I also work with University of Dayton Golf team, as their mental training coach.   

I'm excited to share my passion and give the gift of mental training to other high level athletes to help them cross the hurdles they are facing.

This work is so rewarding and every athlete, team and coach while very similar, are all very different.  I want to give you the tools to control your thoughts and perform consistently as a high level athlete or the tools to help your athletes and/or staff, as a coach. 

My experiences have prepared me to help high level athletes and coaches in all sports and I'm excited to get started with you!

Krista’s work within our program has been a game changer for not only our players, but also our staff. As someone who is excellent at understanding each individual, she is able to maximize our team’s growth through her mental training skill set. That growth has come both at an individual and group level, and has been among both coaches and student-athletes. She has been absolutely instrumental in our top-25 rankings and championship seasons - a glue of our program!
— Taylor Filzen, University of Dayton Director of Volleyball Operations